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Lie to Me, Dan

Longrin Wetten’s Lie to Me, Dan is a thrilling tale of passion and ambition set in the fascinating world of a Nigerian University. The story revolves around two young adults and the challenges of schooling in an intimidating and, oftentimes, hostile environment.

Marylyn Zhasa is a very ambitious young girl. She is seventeen, and she has her future all planned out. Her life is a breath away from perfection. She is a sight to behold and she knows it.

Dan is a charming fellow student whose own ambition is to get her at any cost. The man has a reputation as a ladies’ man and it seems that he’s very capable of breaking hearts. He also has that mysterious aura around him, as if he’s keeping too many secrets.

At first, she repulses his attention. His relentless advances were no match for well practiced defenses. However, in spite of her resistance, she is sucked into a fast paced world of danger and uncertainty, where plans don’t always work out as expected.

In that moment, when Dan is abducted because of a woman’s staged seduction, Marylyn  comes to the rescue. All she wants is to save the man who is fast changing from being her archenemy to a bosom friend, and perhaps more…

Will they have that chance to clear everything up and finally own up to the truth, the truth that only they can understand?

Lie to Me, Dan is the first instalment in a planned trilogy.